not too late 歌手简介诺拉琼斯,美国爵士乐歌

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  歌手简介诺拉琼斯,美国爵士乐歌手,曾于2003年和2005年两度获得格莱美最佳流行女演唱人奖。其首张专辑《come away with me》获得了8项格莱美大奖,成为格莱美历史上单届获取奖项最多的女歌手。





  专辑制作人:Lee Alexander


  序号 名称 时长

  1. "Wish I Could" 4:17

  2. "Sinkin' Soon" 4:37

  3. "The Sun Doesn't Like You" 2:59

  4. "Until the End" 3:55

  5. "Not My Friend" 2:54

  6. "Thinking About You" 3:20

  7. "Broken" 3:20

  8. "My Dear Country" 3:24

  9. "Wake Me Up" 2:46

  10. "Be My Somebody" 3:36

  11. "Little Room" 2:43

  12. "Rosie's Lullaby" 3:56

  13. "Not Too Late" 3:31


  · “2 Man” 2:30


  "Thinking About You" – music video

  "Sinkin' Soon" – music video

  "Until the End" – music video

  "Thinking About You" – Making of....

  "Sinkin' Soon" – Making of....

  "Until the End" – live performance filmed in Burbank, CA, in November 2006

  "Sinkin' Soon" – live performance filmed in Burbank, CA, in November 2006

  "12 minutes interview" – with Norah Jones

  歌词Tell me how you've been,告诉我你怎么样了

  Tell me what you've seen,告诉我你看见了什么

  Tell me that you'd like to see me too.告诉我你也很想要见到我

  'cause my heart is full of no blood,因为我的心充满了没有血液的空虚

  My cup is full of no love,我的杯子充满了没有爱的失落

  Couldn't take another sip even if I wanted.即使我想也一口都喝不下了

  But it's not too late,但是幸好还不是太晚

  It's not too late for love.现在才爱还不是太晚

  My lungs are out of air,我的肺没有了空气

  Yours are holding smoke,而你的充满了烟雾

  And it's been like that for so long.而且已经很久很久了

  I've seen people try to change,我看见人们努力着试图想要改变什么

  And I know it isn't easy,我也知道这并不简单

  But nothin' worth the time ever is.但是没有东西值得去换这已经流逝的时光

  And it's not too late,还不是太晚

  It's not too late for love,现在才爱还不是太晚

  For love,为了爱

  For love,为了爱

  For love.为了爱